The song ‘Closing Time’ sums it up perfectly for me…’ every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end’.

Is it September? How did that happen? In some respects, this has been the longest year, and yet… it is already ‘back to school’ time.

This year has turned out much different than how I had envisioned in January. Ok...for me and everyone else. I had planned to travel a bit more, and I had many different plans for my personal life. All of that went up in flames with COVID-19. All I could do to cope was go for walks with the dog.

I will say, all these changes and a more quiet pace has given me more of a chance to reflect and think about things.

Over the spring and summer, I walked, reflected, and reached out and spent time talking with friends. I went and reached out and found someone to help me with the physical pain I deal with my neck and shoulders. (If you think physical pain does not impact all the other aspects of your life, you have never been in physical pain, and you are fortunate.) As the physical pain subsided, I had the energy to deal with some other issues I wanted and needed to address.

I made progress. I am proud of the work I did and the strength I found.
What I also found was I needed more help. I researched councilors in the area, discovered what my health insurance would pay for, and as soon as they were ready for clients again, I was ready. But I have done that in the past and never felt like I got anywhere. I am reasonably aware of my issues I need, and I decided to go with a life coach. I know, even to type those words…it sounds so frou-frou. I need some guidance, real-world ideas, and I needed someone to call me out on my BS.

So I have started to work with a life coach. I am looking to level up on my health, finances, and relationships of both the friendship and romantic kind.

We are just getting started, so I am not sure where this will take me…the next few months should be interesting.


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