Recently, I scrolled past something on Reddit’s Maine thread that really made me think.

The poster, a delivery service driver, was calling out people who use delivery services during storms.  The person was not angry that people had used the service during Sunday's storm.  He or she was angry that the people who chose to use the services during a storm failed to shovel a path on their walkway.  The poster also said that after they climbed through waist-deep snow in order to make the delivery, the recipient did not even give them a decent tip.

As a former pizza delivery guy, I can sympathize with the Reddit poster who called out his customers.

As we all brace for another storm, I think we should all keep our delivery drivers in mind.  Not only those who work for specific restaurants, but also those who work for delivery services like DoorDash.

While you stay home from work or work remotely, they are out in the snow, rain, and wind.  They spend their workday dealing with poor road conditions, while your snow day morning commute involves rolling out of bed and walking to your laptop.  You don't even need to put on pants to go to work!  Meanwhile, they brave the elements to make sure you have your pizza, Chinese ribs, or groceries.

Clearly, I am not saying they should be honored the way we do for our first responders or the members of our military, but they do deserve common courtesy.

If you are going to get delivery during a storm, throw on a jacket, grab that shovel, and clear the walkway leading to your door.

Also, show them a little extra love with how you tip them.  It is not going to hurt you tip to your delivery driver 25% or 30%.  And if it does, maybe you shouldn’t be getting delivery.

What is your opinion?  Do you agree?  Let us know your opinion by messaging us inside our app.

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