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Thursday night when the Denver Broncos were playing the San Diego Chargers, 53 year old Paul Kitterman disappeared. Kitterman was at the game with his son Jarod, they had seats in the south bleachers, at half time the son went to the rest room and when he came back to his seat his father wasn’t there.

Police are looking at surveillance video to see if they can determine what happened but so far haven't seen anything. At this point they don’t suspect foul play. When the son didn’t see his father at their seats, he checked with a friend who was watching the game in another section of the stadium, but the father wasn’t there either.

The son and friends searched everywhere, stadium, parking lots, trees, bushes, anywhere they could think but couldn’t find him. His son says this is not like his father describing him as one of the most loyal responsible people you would ever know. Police are asking for anyone with info call the department.

Here's an update on the story:

Paul Kitterman has been found! The new about Kitterman came in just a few hours ago on 10-29-14. He was found in a K-Mart parking lot, walking around, about 100 miles south of the stadium were he was reported missing. Police have not explained the disappearance but said no foul play was involved.

Kitterman simply said, he likes to walk. He is now back with his family.