There is no doubt that Maine, like much of New England, is currently going through a housing crisis.  During the pandemic, Maine saw a big influx of people from outside the state.  Not only did this cause a shortage of available homes, condos, and apartments, it also drove up the price on available housing.

Fortunately, some people have stepped in an attempt to alleviate some of the pains of the shortage.  And, at the same time, it has provided them with a business opportunity.

According to the KJ, the massive 250+ unit complex would be built by the John Flatley Company, out of Massachusetts.

The plan would be for the 5 story buildings to be built on part of a 100 acre plot of land that is owned by the Calumet Club.  The apartment buildings, five in all, would be located on a 31 acre parcel of land on Eight Rod Road, near the back of the Marketplace at Augusta.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The location of the buildings would make them walkable to the shops of the Marketplace.  This would make them perfect for worker housing.

The complex will also have a swimming pool, hiking trails, and a trash compactor building where residents can drop off their garbage.

Several people who live in the area around the site of the proposed apartments have expressed concerns about the project.  The biggest of which is the increased noise from the construction project, which will most-likely take over a year.  Additionally, some are concerned about the significant increase in traffic to what is an area that traditionally has had a low traffic volume.

More work needs to be done before the project can be approved by the city.  Once that has happened, the first building could be ready for habitation in approximately 11 months.

260 Ocean Ave, Kennebunkport, Maine

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