Normally, when we think of ghosts, we picture tormented souls who have something keeping them from crossing over to the other side.  They often mess with the living by making noises, talking, or moving objects.  Basically, they try to scare or bother the living.

However, this is not always the case.  Sometimes, these spirits are downright friendly.

The haunting of the Goose River Bridge in Rockport, Maine is a good example of one of these friendly ghosts.

According to the Stranger Maine and Maine Ghost Hunters Youtube channels, the Goose River Bridge is haunted by the ghost of a man named William Richardson.

During the American Revolution, there was a supply ship that had raided a British ship.  Some would call this supply ship a pirate, but the more accurate term would be "privateer" - basically, a pirate that works for a specific government.  The ship was on its way back to Rockport when it was spotted by a Royal Navy ship.  The British ship made chase and it appeared they would overtake the privateer vessel.  Richardson saw what was going on and guided the privateer up the river, where the supplies were hidden.  This made Richardson a local hero.

When the war ended in 1783, word of the colonists' victory slowly spread across the thirteen colonies.  When word reached Rockport, celebrations broke out.  During the big town-wide party, Richardson was so excited that he went door-to-door to pour drinks for people.  When he reached the Goose River Bridge, he encountered two men who were loyal to England and, as a result, were not happy about the loss.  Because there were so irate about the loss and the celebration, they ended up killing him.

Of course, this was not the end of Richardson's story.  It is said that, if you are brave enough to cross the bridge on foot at night, you could come face-to-face with William Richardson's ghost - still carrying the two tankards of ale.  He may even offer you a drink so that you can toast the great General George Washington.

How you ever seen a ghost?  What happened?  Message us through our app or on Facebook to tell us your story.

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