Throughout the year, I'm not the type of parent who does arts and crafts with my kids.  There are some great ideas on things you can create to capture your kids' creativity...but, I just never find the time to involve them in any of it.  Perhaps, shame on me.  But, I can say that on Thanksgiving, I do include my children in the meal preparations...and it has become tradition.

One tradition that I did as a child and have passed it on to my children is basting the guest of honor...the BIRD!  My mom always said that if everyone took turns basting and it turned out awful, then we would all be to blame vs. one single person.  I enjoyed basting and now I have my kids help out with it.

Since the kids vary in age from 7-17  years old, I include each one in a different way with other meal preparations.  The younger kids, I have them make butter.  It's super easy.  We just put heavy cream in a container and they shake it up.  Keeps them busy and in the end, it turns into a soft ball and the kids feel like they contributed their hard work to something.

The older kids have a choice of making an hors d'oeuvres, a side dish or a dessert.  Usually, it's something that's a family recipe and they can learn how to make it and eventually teach their children. Some family recipes we have are cranberry relish, sausage bread stuffing and raspberry ribbon pie.  The kids love making it all!

So, while I might not be on the ball the rest of the year, I really try to share what matters most with them on Thanksgiving.  "Sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" ~Dr. Suess

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