Even though we all know that, given the drought conditions we have had over the last few years, we all really need the rain that we are getting today, it doesn't stop us from being annoyed by today's weather.  If you encounter anyone walking between their vehicle and a building, you are probably going to hear them grumble at least a little bit.

And, let's face it, for most of us it is not the rain that is bothering us, it is the accompanying wind that drives the rain into our face.

Earlier today, my Facebook Memories were nice enough to remind me that it could be worse.  We could be getting a multi-day snowstorm!

But, it is April, Cooper.  We don't normally get weather like that in April!  Even though we don't normally get snow in April, it does happen.  In fact, according to the How Much Will It Snow website, we got several days of snow in April of 2019.

The "past snowfall" section of the site shows me that, in April of 2019, we had four days of snowfall.  Between April 8th and April 11th, we got almost half a foot.  Sure, it was not the type of winter weather event that would shut the state down, but it was enough snow to be a major pain.  Especially for the people who were anxious for the arrival of spring.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

It happened the next year, too.  As we were all dealing with the new world we were living in (because of the pandemic), we also had to deal with a spring Nor'Easter.  That storm spanked us on Friday, April 10th and Saturday April 11th.  In total, it dropped about nine inches of snow on Central Maine.

So, enjoy today's rain and be happy that the sun will return on Sunday.


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