A few minutes ago, I checked the weather forecast for the next few days... again.  Yes, even though I don't really have anywhere to go on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, I have still been keeping a close eye on the weather.

At the time of this writing, Thanksgiving is going to be amazingly beautiful.  Sunny with a high in the upper 40s or lower 50s.  You could not ask for better weather in late November in Maine.  Great weather for that pre-dinner football game.

A quick scroll through my Facebook memories reminded me of how different the Thanksgiving holiday can be.  I had scrolled passed a picture of my and a co-worker bundled up like we were in the arctic as we got ready to have some Black Friday fun.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

It was just three years ago, late November of 2018, when the weather across the State of Maine (all of New England, really) was a lot colder.

According to Date and Time, the temperature for Thanksgiving 2018 never got above 12 degrees.  The low temperature that day was just 3 degrees.  It was so cold that I could not get my car to start.  The cold temps had completely drained the battery!

Black Friday was a little better.  In early afternoon, Augusta saw a high of 25.  The low temperature was still in the lower teens, though.

For some reason, I volunteered to go do giveaways to people waiting in line for stores to open for Black Friday.  Thank God we had an ample supply of Dunkin' coffee and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm.  We also gave away dozens of donuts, too.  But, given the temperatures, everyone was more interested in the coffee and hot chocolate.

When you compare the expected weather for Thanksgiving 2021 with the weather we got hit with for Thanksgiving 2018, it makes me want to break the shorts and t-shirts out of storage!

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