We've all heard the joke (or, is it an adage?   A saying?   A turn of phrase?  Whatever it is...) about whether or not a bear does its "business" in the woods (where else would it go?), but have you ever heard about a bear taking a bath in the woods?  Apparently, it happens.

Yeah, bears are big fans of taking a bath, and not just when they're trying to pluck a fish from the river.  It appears to be one of their favorite activities on a hot summer day.

Bud Utecht, of Game Camera Artistry, has over 100 game camera's positioned at various places across our great state.  Not surprisingly, this allows him to catch some amazing images and videos.

Like these videos of a Maine Black Bear enjoying a dip:

It's not just bears, though.  He's caught great video of other Maine wildlife, too.  Like deer and coyotes.

Over the years, Bud has captured over 40,000 images of Maine wildlife.

You can see more of his images and videos on his Facebook page and you can see more videos on his Youtube channel.

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