A few years ago, in an attempt to make sure that their delivery drivers had good roads to drive on, Domino's Pizza gave some municipalities money to to fixed their streets.  They donated thousands of dollars to help companies fill in potholes and repave streets.

The promotion was a huge success that got the company a lot of free publicity.

It looks like the Domino's Pizza chain is at it again.  This time, though, they are throwing thousands of dollars at towns and cities to make sure their streets are plowed.  After all, the delivery drivers can't make those deliveries unless the streets are plowed.

According to WABI, Farmington was one of 20 towns chosen by the pizza chain to get a $25,000 snow plowing grant.  The money will be used for support the town's plowing efforts by paying plow drivers, paying for vehicle maintenance, and paying for snow removal supplies.

The program, which is called Plowing for Pizza, is not just providing the town with a grant, the pizza chain will also be hooking plow drivers up with hats, scarves, snow measuring sticks, and $200 in gift cards.

The towns were selected based on nominations through the Plowing for Pizza website.  People were able to submit their zip codes to be considered. Areas that saw several nominations and had plenty of snowfall received offers to take part in the half-a-million-dollar initiative.

Other towns and cities selected include Manhattan, Montana and Erie, Pennsylvania.  Check out the entire list of winning towns and cities HERE.

In total, the well-known pizza chain is giving out $500,000 in plowing grants.

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