Down East magazine picked their 8 best places to live in Maine. Readers and staff nominated the towns from 494 cities in the state. Here are some of the towns that made the list.

Camden was voted in for its rolling hills and beauty. It is beautiful in the summer and quiet in the winter.

The coastal town of South Bristol was on the list, not only for its beauty, but for the community pride of its residents.

Portland made the list for many reason but one of them being the town does make other list that are done from around the country.

Hallowell made it for its nightlife and picturesque look. The downtown with all the shops and restaurants were a factor, but the rolling hills of the town were a factor too.

Yarmouth is one the towns on the list because of their nice downtown and the fact that they have an excellent education system.

It figures Kennebunk made the list, as they say, Kennebunk is Kennebunk.

The small town of Norway was voted in because of the local businesses that work together and the fact that of the towns on this list, they have the lowest housing costs.

Bangor is a another town that was voted in by staff and readers of Down East magazine because of continued improvements to the city with new businesses, public art and new thinking to make continued improvements.


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