The Red Barn Cares Foundation is producing a series of fund raisers to help the Skowhegan Drive-In, if the drive-in can't raise the money to go digital, they will have to close at the end of this season. With the help of Stephen King, archival copies of his films Christine, Pet Sematary and The Shining will play Friday, August 1 and Saturday,August 2 at the Skowhegan Drive-In for a Stephen King Movie Marathon. Go here for ticket information. Get your Friday night tickets here and get your Saturday night tickets here.

In their heyday, there were 47 drive-in theaters in Maine. Today there are only 5 left, Skowhegan Drive-In, Saco Drive-In, Prides Corner Drive-In in Westbrook, Skyline Drive-In in Madawaska and Bridgton Twin Drive-In and they may be in trouble. Most drive-ins in the country are family operated and operating on a shoestring budget. The trouble they are facing is technology.

Movies distributed to drive-ins are on 35mm film, but that form of distribution is on the way out to be replaced by digital projection. To save their theaters, owners will have to convert to the new digital equipment at a cost of $80,000. Most drive-ins don’t have that kind of money, so car manufacturer Honda is trying to help. In fact, they have helped the Saco Drive-In, which is boasting a brand-new digital projection system this season courtesy of Honda.

Honda has started ‘Project Drive-In’ where they provided several drive-in theaters with the new digital projectors, including the Saco Drive-In. To find out more and to help save a drive-in near you, visit

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