Longtime residents of Central Maine have probably traveled through downtown Augusta dozens, if not hundreds, of times.  Down Western Avenue, or across Memorial (or Calumet) Bridge, and down Water Street.

As a history geek, I love thinking about the old buildings I pass by each time I drive, or walk, through downtown Augusta.  Some of those buildings date back to just after the great fire of the 1860s.  Some, like Key Plaza, much more recent.

The following video, shot by John Sturtevant at Sturdy Production, provides a fresh look at Maine's capital city.

If the video does not show up, you can watch it HERE

According to his website, Sturtevant says:

"I grew up never knowing what I was good at. Having a creative family, I always wondered what it was that I could do and when I’d figure it out. Turns out I’d figure it out while working as a banker dreaming of not being banker (no offense to bankers, you guys have one of the most difficult jobs!). I bought a drone and camera, shed the suit and tie and started doing something new. And as luck would have it, I’m really good at it! I’m extremely fortunate that as an introvert I can sit at my home office editing (sometimes in sweatpants…). I’m supremely thankful that when I’m not in my office I’m out meeting new people and getting to hear their stories and discover what makes them unique (never in sweatpants). Video isn’t a marketing tool to me, it’s an art and a means of discovery that happens to work well as marketing."

Check out more of John's work HERE

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