Dunkin' fans can now officially say “I Do” with Dunkin’. According to an article by masslive.com Dunkin' is helping Dunkin’ obsessed couples tie the knot and run together forever with the first ever Dunkin’ wedding merch collection.... that's right, plan your wedding Dunkin' style by going to ShopDunkin.com

Considering since the pandemic hit many weddings are being reimagined, and Dunkin’ is brewing up everything needed to celebrate the big day as well as decking out the happy couple.

So, just what can you expect? Here's just a few of the items you will find....

  • A Dunkin’-ized veil to walk down the aisle Dunkin’ style
  • A Dunkin’ patterned bowtie to bring a little pink and orange to a black-tie reception
  • A “This Bride Runs on Dunkin’” satin robe for relaxing before the ceremony
  • Customizable coffee mugs for newlyweds to show they run on Dunkin’ together
  • “This Bride / Groom Runs on Dunkin’” and “I Do Crew” tumblers to raise a cup to a life of happiness
  • A Dunkin’ Patterned ring bearer pillow for presenting the only ring sweeter than a donut
  • Four new Dunkin’ t-shirts that declare you are “Together + Forever” and that “She/He Knows My Order”
  • A “Marry Me, Dunkin’” sweatshirt

According to a Dunkin's Director, Melanie Rabino:

“It’s incredible how many fans make Dunkin’ a part of their wedding day already. We want them to know: we hear you, and we’re making it official. Wedding merch, a ridiculously fun and fully fan-inspired collection, is finally here. As new weddings are planned and some are rescheduled from last year, we’re excited to make it easier for coffee and donut loving couples everywhere to bring a little more Dunkin’ into their celebration.”

Even if wedding bells aren’t in the plans, it's comforting to know Dunkin' has you covered.

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