Ashley Switzer from Homer, Alaska, looked in her freezer and noticed there wasn’t any meat, so she decided what better way to get meat than to go hunting. It was early September and she was home alone because he husband was off working on a fishing boat about 130 miles away.

Ashley in eight and half month’s pregnant but she didn’t let that stop her from bagging a moose. She borrowed her dads rifle a .270 caliber and took her husband’s .30-06. She found a bull moose and got it with the .270.

Even though she is eight and half months pregnant her main goal was to fill her freezer with meat and that’s exactly what she did. She has been hunting before but, as she said, was never successful.  She saw the moose on one of the backwoods trails near her home and, it was a little legal moose but it ran way. Ashley starting her moose call and the young bull came back into view, and she shot it.

She bagged a 600 pound moose but realized she was going to need help getting the animal out of the woods so she called her dad. Within a couple of hours she and her dad had the moose back home. He husband got back home in time help with the butchering and packaging, which was great for Ashley because she really didn’t want to spend all day on her feet cutting moose meat.

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