When done right, Cinco de Mayo can be a goldmine for Mexican restaurants.  Similar to what Saint Patrick's Day is like for Irish restaurants and Irish pubs.  People flock to Mexican restaurants in order to get in on the spirit of the holiday.

That's one of the reasons that we were all shocked and saddened to hear that one of our favorite Central Maine Mexican restaurants was going to be closed on Cinco de Mayo.

Early on Friday afternoon, El Agave's, at the Marketplace at Augusta, announced on their Facebook page that they were going to be closing early.

While the post did explain that they were doing it to ensure they were super serving their customers, they never really explained why they closed.

On Saturday, May 6th, they made another post explaining why they closed.

The post said, in part:

We wanted to clarify the reason for our closing to prevent untrue rumors. The reason why we had to shut down was because our cooler stopped working appropriately and therefore the foods stored weren’t at the adequate temperature. The health department was here and noted that the foods were couple degrees warmer than the required and asked us to shut down immediately. We’re currently working on getting everything fix to reopen as soon as possible. We wanted to clarify that it is not due to unsanitary reasons. And for those who dined with us, all of your cooked meals were cooked at appropriate temperatures.

The post goes on to say how sad they were that Cinco de Mayo did not go as planned.

We are huge fans of the food and drinks that Victor and his team puts out and we hope they re-open really soon.

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