In 2021, one of the most talked about Holiday attractions was tucked away down a side road in the town of Winthrop, Maine.

Located at Augusta West Kampground, Winter Wonderland was a mile long drive through (or walk through) Christmas lights display.  The attraction featured lights that danced along the trees, vehicles and farm equipment illuminated by hundreds of twinkling lights, and buildings that were lit by lights.  And, like similar attractions, a synchronized soundtrack was piped out through speakers and a low power FM transmitter (so you could get it in your car).

The light installation was expertly done by SkyBox Holiday & Event Lighting.

They have announced the details of this year's event.


It will run from November 26th, 2022 through January 1st, 2023.  So, from the Saturday after Thanksgiving (AKA Small Business Saturday) and New Years' Day.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

As they did last year, some nights will be drive through nights and some will be walking nights.  Clearly, you can see how it would be a bit of a mess if they did not split the nights up.  Right?  Several nights each week will be dedicated for walking and several will be dedicated for driving.  They explained how the different days will work in an October 15th post on the event's Facebook Page:  Wednesday and Sundays will be scheduled for Driving

Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s will be scheduled for walking.

Tickets for the event will go on sale soon.  You can get all the details from their website.

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