From this Thursday through next Tuesday, there will be basically non-stop Halloween events in Central Maine.  Traditional trick-or-treating, downtown trick-or-treat events, Halloween parties, trunk-or-treats, etc.  There are going to be so many within driving distance of most families, that you are really going to have to pick or choose.

We were just made aware of another great event.  This is a trunk-or-treat, but it has a little bit of a twist.

According to the Fairfield Police Department Facebook page, they are going to be holding their 4th annual drive through trunk-or-treat.

The event will be this Sunday (October 29th) from 3 PM to 6 PM.  It will take place on Eskelund Drive.

The Facebook post says, in part:

Police Department personnel will be on site to direct you. The entrance will be from Western Ave and exit on Skowhegan Road. This event is open to everyone, we just ask that you stay in your vehicles as you travel between booths.

The fact that this is the 4th annual makes us believe it probably started during the pandemic.  Back then, most Halloween events were drive-through events.  It was done out of neccesity.  Why did Fairfield keep theirs a drive-through event after the pandemic was done?  We don't really know.  Maybe, they just found that it was easier to do it this way?

If you think about, there are some big benefits for attendees.  Because of how much stuff is going on, your family may be headed somewhere else after this trunk-or-treat.  Without having to find a parking space, get the kids out of the car, drag them from booth to booth (trunk to trunk?), and then put them back in the car, you'll save a lot of time getting to that next event.

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