It was a cold and mysterious night outside of the Androscoggin county jail in Auburn, Maine on January 20th when a couple were up-to-no-good. Crime filled air fogged the parking lot and bad choices were made.

According to WGME News Channel 13, it was 11:30 at night when the couple were waiting in their car outside. WGME says they attempted to bail someone out. Bailing someone out means, "you help them out of a difficult situation, often by giving them money," according to Collins Dictionary.

If someone gets arrested and they are able to be bailed out before their court date, they call a bail agency or a friend and they pay to let you out of jail. This usually happens with real money or dead presidents, as my mother calls it.

Using counterfeit money or monopoly money is extremely illegal but this specific couple thought it was a good idea to try and hoodwink the law. That's a no no kids. Apparently the fake money led them to investigate their vehicle and the police were able to find drugs and a handgun.

When you try to break the law, the law will catch up with you.

At that point, agents were on the hunt and searched their home as well and what they found was shocking. Agents say they found fentanyl, methamphetamines, handguns, a rifle, and the street value of all the drugs seized were $250,000.

In life we make choices, some good, some bad, and some very very bad. Often times its due to mental health and addiction when we take the wrong road. Let's all hope that these individuals receive the justice they deserve, as well as receiving the help that every human needs.

Far too many times we see these bad headlines and forget to look at the sunny side. What's that you ask? Well, because of this specific seizure of illegal items by agents, our community members are a little bit safer then before.

Thank you to all of the police and agents that were involved in this seizure and arrest.

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