Back to school is coming up this next month! Parents are scrambling through stores to gather up all the materials their little boys and girls need. Some parents might have even lost that super important list among the hustle and bustle of prepping their kids for the next grade. Not to worry! Below find links to some schools around the area and their supplies lists!

Augusta Schools:

Waterville Junior High School: list for grades 6, 7 & 8

If your school isn't listed above, contact them for more information and share the find with us!

However, these are sales going on in the Augusta area where you can find all kinds of Back to School items at a discount or with promotional codes!

And.... last, but certainly not least! Check out your local dollar store for some AMAZING deals! Andy, Sarah, Mike, and myself checked it out earlier this week. Watch here!

Photo by Jen Stanley
Photo by Jen Stanley

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