It was March of 1954 when RCA introduced the first color television set. It was the RCA CT-100, which today is a collector's item to end all collector's items because only two to three dozen working CT-100’s can be found in the world today. Westinghouse did introduce a color T.V. a little sooner, but the RCA CT-100 is considered the ‘real’ first.

The CT-100 RCA color television set came with a 15-inch screen at a price of $1,000. Compare that to a new car at the time, a Chevy Bel-Air which sold for $1,095. But in 1954, color T.V. was a novelty and only 1,400 CT-100’s were made because improved electronics and a bigger screen made it possible for RCA to introduce the new 21 inch CT-55 in 1955.

Color T.V. didn’t really catch on until the mid-1960’s. By then the color on television sets had improved to allow for a better picture, and more and more programs where being produced in color.

It’s the CT-100 though that remains as the unforgettable first color T.V.