We have been hearing about "forever chemicals" for the last several years.  Several Maine communities have been plagued by these illness causing chemicals.  In fact, because the chemicals are in the water supply of affected areas, we have been warned about eating livestock and game harvested from these areas.

Now, we are getting word that several Central Maine schools are being affected by poly-fluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS.

According to the KJ, the affected schools are the Helen A. Thompson School in West Gardiner and Whitefield Elementary School.  Water samples from both schools found levels of over 30 parts per trillion.  The article explains that the limit in Maine, which has one of the strictest limits in the country, is 20 parts per trillion.  By comparison, the national (federal) limit is 70 parts per trillion.

PFAS chemicals are called "forever chemicals" because, once they enter the body, they can affected a person for years.  According to the article, issues linked to "forever chemicals" include fertility issues, problems with a person's immune system, and certain types of cancers.  What are they used for?  According to the article, their oil- and water-repellent properties are used in many household products, including packaging.

There is a plan in place to installed a high end filtration system for the school's water system.  Until the system can be installed, students will be given bottled water to drink and all cooking will be done with bottled water.

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