One of the best, cheapest, day trips that a family can take is spending the day at the beach.

While most of Maine’s beaches are very affordable, we want to help you save even more.  We’ve put together a list of the best free beaches in Maine

Old Orchard Beach

While many people make the trip to this oceanside resort town for the restaurants, amusement park, or nightlife, the big draw is still that beautiful beach.  The sandy beach stretches on for miles, and it is free to access.  However, you need to keep in mind that you still need to pay for parking.

Get more details from the Old Orchard Beach website.

Michael Denning / Unsplash
Michael Denning / Unsplash

Willard Beach

You’ll find this sand and pebble beach tucked away near the Southern Maine Community College campus in South Portland.  Willard Beach has a bathhouse, public showers, and a snack bar.  There is a free parking lot that can accommodate 75 cars, but you need to keep in mind that on-street parking is not allowed.  Learn more from the South Portland website.

Rockland Breakwater Beach

Located in Rockport, this sand and pebble beach is adjacent to the base of the Rockland Breakwater.  Access is free, and there is a small parking lot.  Personally, I have never had an issue finding a parking spot, but on a busy day, I can imagine that parking spaces could become scarce.


Weston’s Beach

You’ll find Weston’s Beach tucked away off River Road in Fryeburg.  Located on the banks of the Saco River, the beach is free to use and offers a lot of free parking.  It is kind of hidden.  If you have trouble finding it, just ask a local.

matt hardy, Unsplash
matt hardy, Unsplash

Short Sand Beach

Located on Route 1A in York, this sandy beach is about a quarter-mile long.  You will find Short Sand Beach in Ellis Park.  It offers restrooms, a playground, and seasonal lifeguards.

Long Sand Beach

Also located along Route 1A in York, Long Sand Beach is significantly longer than Short Sand Beach.  It stretches for about a mile and a half.

Harbor Beach

You’ll find this smaller beach on Route 1A in York.  The beach features gentle surf, a cliff walk, seasonal lifeguards, and restrooms.  Parking at the beach requires a permit, but there is roadside parking a short distance from the beach.

Ogunquit Beach

Located in the Southern Maine town of Ogunquit, Ogunquit Beach is known worldwide as being one of the best beaches in the United States.  As far as we can tell, the beach is free to visit, but expect to pay a significant amount for parking.  Alternatively, just prepare for a long walk.  Get more details HERE.

Sand Beach

Located inside Acadia National Park, this beach is on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.  While the beach is free to visit, you do need to pay for Acadia National Park access in order to get to the beach.

In addition to these free Maine beaches, dozens of affordable beaches are managed by the State of Maine.  Check out a list HERE

What else needs to be on our list?  Let us know by sending us an email or by messaging us in our radio station app.

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