If you have ever flown on a commercial airliner, you know that they love to pack us in like sardines.  Unless you are in first class, there is virtually no leg room.  On top of that, the seats are so narrow that it is way too easy to accidentally elbow your neighbor.  Sometimes, it gets very difficult to remain polite on a flight.

It may not have always been like this, but it definitely is now.

One airline is making some accommodations for their bigger passengers.

In order to make sure all of their passengers are as comfortable as possible, Southwest Airlines has a policy that allows plus-sized passengers to get up to two additional seats for free.  In theory, this policy allows people to get the entire row to themselves.

According to an article on the WABI TV website, the airline suggests that you purchase extra tickets in advance.  This will speed up the boarding process.  You'll just show the tickets for whichever seat you intend to use.  If it is determined that you meet the requirements of the policy, you can get the price for the extra tickets refunded.

JC Gellidon / Unsplash
JC Gellidon / Unsplash

Alternatively, can speak to the ticket agent when you get to the airport.  In many cases, they’ll be able to make the necessary arrangements.

How does the airline determine whether or not a person meets the requirements of the policy?  It all has to do with those annoying armrests.

The article explains that the policy states:

If you’re unable to lower both armrests and/or encroach upon any portion of a seat next to you, you need a second seat


The article goes on to say that the Southwest Airlines policy is not new.  It has been around for years.  It is only gaining attention now because several viral TikTok videos have been done about it.

Planning a flight in the near future?  Take a look at this current Southwest Airlines route map.

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