Over the last few weeks, we have heard a lot about Maine businesses who have been unable to stay open due to a lack of employees.  In fact, there have been several instances of this right in Augusta / Waterville.

It looks like this problem is now even affected the state's most well known attractions.

According to WGME, Saco's Funtown Splashtown Amusement Park will only be open five days a week due to a lack of employees.

For the first time in the park's six decade history, it will not be open "daily".  Instead, in July and August, the park will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

A statement on the park's Facebook page said, in part:

Of course this is very disappointing, not only to you our guests, but also very much to all of us here at the park. This is the direct effect of a lack of potential team members applying for work this season. As anyone who pays attention to media outlets, whether on television or online knows, hiring seasonal employees is an incredible struggle this summer not only here in the state of Maine but across the nation. The abundance of jobs needing to be filled as businesses attempt to reopen after the Covid Summer of 2020, and the lack of willing applicants, has made staffing far more of an issue than it ever has been in the past. This extremely competitive job market has made it even tougher for us, the largest employer of seasonal workers in the state, as we attempt to fill all of our positions.

In an effort to fill positions, the park has raised its starting wages and they are offering employees four season passes - one for the employee and three for family / friends.

In the past, they have used international students to fill their ranks but, as there are very few international visitors this year, that is not an option.

Hopefully, they will be able to get enough employees to be able to reverse this decision.

Opening day for the park is May 29th.

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