One of the first casualties we heard about when James Gunn and Peter Safran took control of DC Studios and began planning their own interconnected universe of DC movies and shows was the already-long-in-development Wonder Woman 3 from director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot.

Jenkins had purportedly just submitted her treatment for the film to DC when Gunn and Safran arrived, and swiftly shuffled all of the company’s future plans. (Jenkins later released a statement claiming she never quit the project.) When Gunn and Safran unveiled their first wave of DC projects, including new movies for Superman, Batman and Robin, and Supergirl, Wonder Woman was a no-show. (Although Gunn did announce a TV project called Paradise Lost about “the genesis and political intrigue of an island of all women” that eventually serves as Wonder Woman‘s birthplace.

But while Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 appears to be dead, it looks like Gadot’s time as Wonder Woman may not be. In an interview with, she revealed that she still loves playing the character and that “from what I heard from James [Gunn] and from Peter [Safran] is that we're gonna develop a Wonder Woman 3 together.”

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

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Even as the DCEU has wound down, Gadot has continued to make cameo appearances as Wonder Woman. (If you haven’t seen the recent DC films I won’t spoil them, but she’s got two cameos in two different recent Warner Bros. releases.) It’s worth noting that developing a new Wonder Woman movie is not the same as announcing one is coming out on a specific release date; Patty Jenkins spent months and months developing Wonder Woman 3 and the project never came together. It’s probably also worth noting that Gunn and Safran’s carefully mapped-out plans are already announced through the next few years; meaning Wonder Woman 3 is quite a few years away, if it ever happens at all.

Gadot’s new movie, Heart of Stone, premieres on Netflix on August 11.

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