At a Tuesday (February 8th) game, the players from Gardiner Area High School's girl's  basketball team reminded us what real sportsmanship is like.

According to the KJ, just prior to a girl's basketball game at GAHS, while the Lawrence Bulldogs were warming up, another team took the floor.  Instead of being dressed in their "home whites", or even their black and orange, they took to the court also dressed in blue.  The Gardiner players were wearing blue t-shirts over their home whites.  Each shirt also had a number "5" on the back.

What was the significance?  And, why the number "5"?

It was the Gardiner players' way of paying tribute to an injured player from the opposing team. On December 28th, the Lawrence Bulldog's junior guard, MaKenzie Nadeau, was injured in a serious car accident.  In the crash, she fractured her spine.   Because of the injury, Nadeau will be out for the remainder of the season.

In a comment to the newspaper, Lawrence coach Greg Chesley said:

It is a great gesture.  It’s a sign of respect. ‘Hey, we know you’re hurting. We’re going to do this to honor you and let you know that we respect what you do.'

Despite not being able to play, Nadeau has been attending at least some fo the games.  She was in the sidelines in Gardiner on Tuesday night.

Gardiner Are High School was not the first school to pay tribute to the young basketball player.  Skowhegan also did a similar tribute at a game in January.

We hope that Makenzie Nadeau makes a speedy recovery and is able to rejoin the team next season.

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