OK, get ready, we do this twice a year, every year. We turn the clocks forward 1 hour in the spring, usually in March for Day Light Savings time to begin, then in fall, usually November, we turn the clocks back 1 hour for the end of Day Light Savings time.

I know, I always love the idea of getting that hour back in the fall to sleep in.

This year we are "falling back " this Sunday, 11/7 at 2am.

According to Wikipedia, the big push behind day light savings time was, and still is from businesses, it's the old adage that if you get out of work and it is still light out, you are more apt to do more shopping. I don't know if that is true, I don't think it would matter to me one way or another but I do love those long summer days and nights.

Currently, they're only two holdouts when it comes to U.S, states that observe daylight savings time, the only two exceptions are Arizona, and HawaiiMany people discuss if thee is even a reason to continue with the practice? It has fallen in and out of favor depending on the time frame in history.

At its very beginnings, the government felt it would save people money on heating and lowering cost if more of our activity was being done in the light.

Will it stay, or won't it? That has been the question for years, and years, and my money is on...it's not going anywhere.

What say you?

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