Daniela Liverani of Edinburgh, Scotland went backpacking through Southwest Asia and returned home with a souvenir she didn’t want. She had a three inch leech in her nose and didn’t even know it.

It wasn’t until she crashed her scooter, and thought she broke a blood vessel in her nose, that she realized it was leech.

What she thought was a blood vessel was the leech peeking out of her nose. In the shower the leech would come out as far as her bottom lip. When she looked in the mirror she noticed ridges on it. She went to the hospital, they strapped her down and tried to pull it out with forceps but every time they pulled leech would tug back on the inside of her nose causing a lot of pain.

Doctors eventually go it out; it was as long as her forefinger and as thick as her thumb. It’s a good thing she had the scooter accident because doctors said if wasn’t for that, she may have not realized what it was until it started eating at her brain.