Who doesn't like a good mystery? Well, if you do, and you are of legal drinking age, then one alcohol company has a fun challenge that will pay off with a $10,000 prize. Yea, that's right, Steel Reserve Alloy Series is adding an 8th flavor to their brew-cocktail line-up...and this is where you come in. The new flavor is a mystery and people who guess the mystery flavor correctly will be in to win $10,000.

According to the official rules, trying to figure out the mystery flavor is simple. First you need to find a Mystery Flavor can, they are all over now nationwide, so go get a can, then scan the QR code and that will risk you away to SRASMystery.com, and then you simply submit your guess. You can always by pass the code thing and just go to the official contest page, SRASMystery.com and enter your guess there. One of the cool things is once there....you will have the opportunity to opt-in and receive anywhere between 3 and 5 clues via the email they provided.

All the correct guesses will be entered into the pool of correct answers, and then one lucky random person will be chosen from there. Even if you don't correctly guess the flavor, you're not out of luck. Everyone who participates is also entered to win $500. I know it's not 10k but I'd take it...plus, less taxes on that second price too!

There is plenty of time for you to search out some cans as the contest close is Saturday, October 31st and winners will be selected and notified between October 31st and November 13th. The mystery flavor's identity will be revealed to the public on November 13.

 Exciting right? Good luck! Let me know if you win, or just enjoy trying to.
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