Most of us were shocked by the severity of December's "Grinch" storm.  Sure, we had been warned about the incoming weather by meteorologists, but as many were focused on preparing for Christmas, we were not focused on the weather.

Of course, the majority of the damage was not caused by the actual storm.  Instead, millions of dollars in damage was caused by the flooding that followed the storm.

One of the hardest-hit towns in Central Maine was Hallowell.

The waters of the Kennebec River rose to the point that they crossed Water Street, causing damage to buildings on the other side.

Some businesses, like the incredibly popular Quarry Tap Room, still have not reopened.  In the six weeks since the storm, they have been working hard to put the place back together.

Recently, they shared an update on Facebook:

QTR Flood Renovation Update From The Banks Of The Mighty Kennebec In Beautiful Downtown Hallowell Maine. Its Been 31 Days Since The Devastating Flood Of ‘23. Its Been A Very Busy Few Weeks & We’re Please To Report All Our Major Systems Are Back Up & Operational.

The post goes on to say that they hope to be open sometime this week (the week of January 29th).

Now, it looks like the City of Hallowell is going to step up to help with the financial burden of getting these businesses back on their feet.

According to an article in the KJ, the city has set aside $50,000 from the TIF funds to help businesses that have been affected.  Each business could get as much as $2,000.  The tax increment financing, or TIF, money is meant to help with the development of the downtown.


The hope is that there would be a second round of money.  This would be at least $25,000.  It could be more, though, if an individual or organization stepped up to match the money from the city.

Many of these businesses sustained tens-of-thousands of dollars in damage, so $2,000 barely scratches the surface.  However, every little bit helps.

An organization named Vision Hallowell has posted a survey intended to gather information about the economic needs of businesses affected by the flooding.  You can take the survey HERE.

Do you own a business that was affected by the recent storms?  Tell us your story by messaging us inside our app.

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