Logging into Facebook this morning, I discovered it was Mike Poulin's birthday!  He was so looking forward to this day.  All year he talked about this one particular birthday.  How excited he was about it.  Today Mikey The Poulin was going to semi-retire.

Not a day goes by that Randy and I don't talk about Mike.  It's hard not to...there's a plaque of him on the wall in the studio.  He stares at us...his eyes follow our every move.    I'm certain, wherever he is, he's laughing about that.  I can almost hear his voice saying he wished it was his bum so we could kiss it.  C'mon...you know that's what he'd say.


Mike always looked forward to our Pro Football Pick-Em contest.  We compete against each other in the studio.  He would come in and ask the Princess (me not Randy) how I did on my picks and would get cranky when I beat him.  I'm happy to be this week's winner...the week of his birthday...and in possession of the Mike Poulin trophy


  Happy Birthday Mikey!  I only had a few short years to get to know you.  I'm honored to have had the time I did have.  You are greatly missed at B98.5.

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