In Maine, we are lucky to have dozens of first-rate haunted attractions.

Some of these are put on by professionals, many are operated by amateurs, and all of them are scary.

For those who love a good scare, the biggest pain is that all of them are seasonal.  They open for a few weeks just before Halloween.  If you aren’t able carve out enough time to visit, you are out of luck.

Personally, I love haunted attractions, but am always too busy during that time of year to be able to visit them.  Each fall, I makes plans to visit two or three of these attractions, but I never seem to make it.

If you are dealing with a situation similar to mine, you are going to love Maineiac Manor!

Maineiac Manor

Located at the Bangor Mall, Maineiac Manor is one of Maine’s premiere haunted attractions.  And unlike most New England haunted attractions, they are not just open in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

While they do a haunt during the Halloween season, they are also open during other times of the year.  For the last few years, they have done a popular Christmas-themed haunt.

Fans of the classic '80s slasher movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, will love what the are working on next.

The haunt’s Facebook page describes the '80s Summer Slasher Haunted House as:

Delve into the heart of 1980s horror nostalgia as you encounter the most iconic figures from the era. From silent stalkers to nightmare-inducing fiends, expect a journey through the terrifying tapestry of 80's horror lore. Get ready to scream your way through this immersive homage to the golden age of slashers, where every shadow hides a spine-tingling surprise straight out of your favorite fright flicks.

The attraction will be open Saturdays and Sundays from June 1 through June 9.

Tickets for the haunt will go on sale in May.

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