If you like the outdoors and hiking and you like Halloween, according to bangordailynews.com you can combine the two by checking out a few haunted Maine trails.

Mount Catherine or ‘Catherine’s Hill’ is the home of a ghost known as ‘Headless Catherine.’ There are several stories about this ghost but most agree it is a woman that died in a car accident. She can be seen walking along Blackwoods Road.


The Old Narrow Gauge Trail in Randolph: It’s a path where you can walk or bike along the former Kennebec Central Railroad that was used between the 1890’s to the 1920’s to transport passengers and goods to the first veterans hospital at Togas. The trail is said to be haunted by Bicycle Larry, a Randolph man who disappeared in 2004 and was never found. Ghost stories associated with this trail include shadow people, disembodied voices and glowing orbs floating through the forest.


Silver Lake Trails in Bucksport: This is a 2 mile walk on a network of trails and is said to be haunted by the ghost of Sarah Ware who died in 1898. Sarah Ware lived in Bucksport and was murdered but her assailant was never brought to justice. The paths are marked clearly so it's almost impossible to get lost on the haunted trails.

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