It's the annual candy conundrum: do you love or hate candy corn?

This is a recurring conversation that comes up every year. At some point during the month of October, you will be asked your opinion on the controversial treat. Some folks will say candy corn tastes good; others will insist it's garbage. As for this writer? She's a fan.


Whatever your stance on candy corn is, there's one New England state whose residents consume more of it than most.

In 2021, Food Network did some research on candy corn consumption in the United States to see where different places stand on the "love-it-or-hate-it" treat. Brach's Confections, the largest producer of candy corn, took a deep dive into their sales data to see which states sold the most of the controversial candy. Coming at #1 was California (a peculiar verdict, if you ask us), but one New England state was featured in the top 15. That would be none other than Massachusetts, coming in at #15.

Yes, the Bay State consumes more candy corn than anywhere else in New England. This makes sense to yours truly, as Massachusetts is home to the largest city in New England – Boston – along with the historic Halloween mecca that is Salem. With these locations consistently attracting tourists, it's no wonder that candy sales are booming in the state.

As for where the other New England states rank? No information is shown for New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, but Vermont came in at #4 among the states where candy corn sales are the lowest. Looks like Green Mountain Staters have a ways to go before joining the candy corn club.

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