So, "normal" haunted attractions just don't do it for you?  You're bored by haunted houses, haunted corn fields, and haunted trails?

If you take your scares seriously, this could be for you!

According to Only In Your State, there is a real-life haunted trail in Randolph.

According to legend, the Old Narrow Gauge route is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a man who went missing on the trail.  His body, nor the bike he was riding, were ever found.  No one was ever arrested for the disappearance, but it was believed that he was killed by someone he knew.

These days, people report seeing orbs and spirits along with scary screams to "get out!"

The trail itself is a bit more than a mile and follows part of the historic Kennebec Central Railroad roadbed.

Several years ago, a group of Maine ghost hunters investigated the trail:

Have you been down the trail?  Did you see or hear anything?  If you did, let us know by messaging us on Facebook or through our app.

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