When you think of Maine, you don't often think of waterfalls...


Maybe you should. According to the New England Waterfall Guide, Maine has at least 75 waterfalls! Pretty impressive. I've never done this loop, but I have been to a couple of the waterfalls on this loop and they are always so amazing tucked in the middle of a thick forest. It's nice to know that the snow that we curse in the winter has some pretty side effects. According to Only In Your State, it's about a 179-mile loop that takes about 4 hours. But that doesn't count the hikes to some or any time spent at them!


How many of these waterfalls have you been to?

Smalls Falls - West Central Franklin, Maine: These falls are in the Rangeley State Park area. The falls are fed by the Sandy River and there are four different cascades and lots of places to swim. This is a very popular swimming hole so make sure to bring your swim trunks!

Angel Falls - West Central Franklin, Maine: About a 40-minute drive from Smalls Falls, and then about a one-mile hike in to see Angel Falls. These falls drop about 90 feet! No swimming this time, but there's more coming.

Coos Canyon - Byron, Maine: Just a quick 16 minutes and you are at Coos Canyon off Route 17. You can actually see it from the road, but here is a spot you can swim and have a great picnic after!

The Cataracts - North Oxford, Maine: Now is a great time to see these falls because they are way more dramatic with the snowmelt. But really any time of year this is an amazing waterfall. Plus, they are impressive because of their size of about 100 feet!

Angel Falls - GoogleMaps
Angel Falls - GoogleMaps

Dunn Falls - North Oxford, Maine: There are two parts to these falls an upper and lower part. The lower falls are the impressive ones, but it's also impressive that it would take about 3 hours to hike to them. I suppose you could just fib and say you saw them.

Screw Auger Falls - North Oxford, Maine: These 30-foot waterfalls are created with the help of the Bear River. These are also very popular, so chances are good you will see other people. I have been here and it was a great hike and such a perfect way to spend a summer day in Maine.

Snow Falls Gorge - West Paris, Maine: These beautiful falls are created from the Little Androscoggin River. Make sure you keep your swimming trunks in the car because swimming isn't allowed here.

Rumford Falls - Rumford, Maine: This was once called Pennacook Falls. These are created by big drops in the Androscoggin River. The river actually drops about 176 feet, and the dams make the water go into several falls. The upper falls are the biggest and the best way to see the falls at their best is after a rainstorm.

Just a giant 179-mile loop. Will you do it?

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