This is not an angry post, in fact I am hoping for it to be positive and we can all learn to be better drivers. Especially during the winter.

I wanted to talk about this before the cold air hits and we all get a little grumpy. So here it goes.

Ever notice that here in Maine, during the splendid season of winter, we tend to become more cranky while driving? Whether it's shuffling off to the stores to pack in the gifts, racing to holiday parties, or just driving home during rush hour, we may become more aggressive.

And now, with the gas prices being high, I can't imagine how this winter is going to be.

I have been noticing specific things that drivers do and I think it's time we all just pump the breaks. See what I did there?

Let's just be honest with each other, driving in Maine in the winter is No Bueno. You are constantly trying to find a parking spot, people are not good at improper lane changes, I watching drivers running into yellow poles at Walmart, and receiving a not-so-nice hand gesture if you cut someone off.

I witness people ignore stop signs so much in the winter. Why? I think it's because of the snow. I know it's because of the snowy, icy roads. So you decide, if no one's coming you'll just hit it and drive through.

A lot of use become bad drivers in the winter to try and avoid sliding and crashing.

Let's go through the reasons I despise driving in Maine, in the winter months.

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