These are some crazy times we are living in, but even with everything that is going on in the world, we still see and hear stories of local businesses and people going above and beyond to help others in their community.

We wanted to recognize that, so we asked you for some shout outs to recognize those people, and you delivered! Here are some of them, and keep them coming, you can use the form at the bottom of this post to send a shout out and we'll list it here and possibly read it on the air.

Hang in there Central Maine, we'll all get through this together!

Maine State Police Corporal Bethany Couturier-Robinson took time out of her day off to deliver meals to children and families in the RSU 3 district so no one would go hungry during the school break during the COVID crisis. Bethany has always gone out of her way for her community by volunteering and mentoring kids through the Restorative Justice Project. She followed in her uncle's footsteps, the late Trooper Mark Coleman, to be a Maine State Trooper and community leader. Mark was known to deliver groceries to families in need in his patrol zone out of his own pocket. Bethany was very close with Mark. He died in 2012 after a military service-connected brain injury. Like her uncle, she never seeks recognition for what she does. Everyone in the community knows her on first name basis and she is always there for others. She’s a true community police officer. 

A heartfelt Thank you to Amistad, Inc. in Portland. While Some members of our team at Riverview Psychiatric continue to work, some have had to stay home during this time. They have gone above and beyond to make sure our team is financially covered, and has given us the peace of mind during a very uncertain period for our world. We are so incredibly grateful for your love and support Amistad ❤️--Julia Stone, Waterville

Oakland Taxi offers free rides to the elderly and disabled within the Covid-19 time to help out his community at this time in need we can get through this crisis they can contact Oakland Taxi at 207-716-1027. - Lisa Moulton, Oakland

I am an educator in RSU 19 and I want to send a huge shout out to my district, school board, and staff. First of all, this district is paying hourly employees despite school being closed. Secondly, all students who are school aged are getting breakfast and lunch deliveries every single day!

MIKA - Rob and Rebecca Pushard and Jodi Palmer, Manchester and Augusta-thank you for having live online karate classes for us who love martial arts. That is going above and beyond to make sure that your students are having some normalcy with all this craziness!

My friends at College Carry Out delivered pizza all the way to Sidney. We have been quarantined since before all this started because my Dad has brain cancer and the owners daughter Missy (love her) asked what she could bring just to make us smile. She dropped it off on the porch backed up 6 feet so I could come out and we had a nice visit at the social distance recommended by the CDC. The world may be unpredictable right now but good friends are not. Love College Carry Out ❤️--Elaina George, Sidney

Shout out to Aroma Joe's in the Auburn/Lewiston area for the free coffee for medical professionals along with the Domino's brand for pizza. While some of us are getting dirty looks while shopping before work for our families in work attire, they are stepping up and offering a thank you in the way they know how.- Amber Lewis, Auburn

I want to shout out to Danny with Maine Lakes Charter and Tours. He served in our military for 28 years. With the pandemic that’s going on right now, he has not had any business. But he still makes sure to be in contact with his clients. Amazing family-owned company!

Shout out to Champions Fitness Club. Even though they are closed, we are fortunate to have some great fitness instructors that are offering at home workouts via Facebook live. Anyone who has ever been part of a gym family understands the importance of staying connected in times like these. Thank you Champions and we can't wait to reunite. - Matt Dudley, Smithfield

The entire staff at Gardiner Family Medicine and Express Care for remaining open and safely treating all members of the community! They are taking steps above and beyond to ensure the heath and safety of each and every patient during these difficult times!

I am pregnant and currently working at Moosehead Cottage Resort in Greenville as a housekeeper ,while not only we do time shares , we also do a majority of our cabin rentals to tourists varying from all over the U.S. and even the globe. Our boss has not only been prepared for this crisis in advance and educated themselves on it, but also has gone above and beyond to ensure not only us employees, but also our tenants not only feel safe but comfortable during this crisis . They have provided gloves,masks, hand sanitizer and ensured we have the proper antibacterials to ensure our guests and us employees stay healthy and safe, have given us the option to stay home during this time if we feel unsafe or at risk due to health issues within ourselves or family members,or the ability to keep working unless CDC states otherwise ,and updates us every day on what is happening with the crisis as well as ensuring we are being safe and sanitary. I am thankful to work at this company !-Rose Boyington, Guilford

The Augusta Subways are going above and beyond in providing for their customers. While their dining rooms are closed, all 4 stores are offering buy one get one free sandwiches for customers who order online and buy one get one half off or buy two get one free for those customers who still venture in store. Their State Street location has reopened their drive thru, allowing customers to call ahead and pick up their order through the window to minimize their human contact! They’re a team of very hardworking individuals and I see that every time they go in! Good job everyone!

Ricky Gowel owns and operates the Hannaford and gas in Litchfield. They have been working tirelessly to ensure that they are well stocked and customers are getting what they need. They are so helpful and friendly.
Kudos to them!

Corrie and Wayne Kirkpatrick-These two individuals, and members of their staff, have single handedly made and delivered lunches and other food items to the families with children in our community to ensure they have food. They are also the owners of Four Corners Variety Store and have selflessly given to our community in such a selfless way! Thank you from the Union community and local Fire and Rescue services.

Shout out to Dresden Take Out owners Kathy and Mason Dubord! They are staying open for the time being even though they aren't in the store! Kathy had a quadruple bypass back in January/ Early Feb so they are staying out. We are the heart of Dresden being only one store. And our community relies on us!

Team Manchester Dunkin' has gone above and beyond to not only stay open and serve their customers, but team Manchester has gone above and beyond to keep their employees working as long as possible.- Cheryl Reilly, Manchester

Hello, here in Winthrop we have a free meal site called Winthrop Hot Meal Kitchen. I am the kitchen co-or. We feed a average of 95 people a day, 4 days a week. I have a very dedicated group of 21 volunteers. We serve meals in the Catholic Parish hall. And have take outs meals for shut ins. I have a wonderful volunteer, Dennis, who delivers to 25 families 3 days a week in Winthrop. We also have volunteers from Wayne that pick up meals for 6 families and deliver them.
As of 03/23 we are doing take outs only. People will be allowed to come at noon and pick up meals.
Also every Sunday I pick up food donations from Hannaford. I get about 250 lbs of veggies, breads, bakery items, pre-made sandwiches and deli meats. I thank God for all that make this work.
Please be safe, take care and wash your hands. :) and I will too
-Beth Loon, Winthrop

Shout out to Shelby’s Deli! The most fresh food around! We support with 100%!

To Chris Gaunce,owner of Central Maine Motors Auto Group and Jeff Caron and his maintenance team for keeping all of us safe. Chris and his team for a plan of action and Jeff and his team for the extra work of cleaning and disinfecting 6 buildings to keep us and our customers as safe as possible. Thank you !!!!!!-Shane Demo, Palermo

Do you have a shout out? Let us know!

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