If you are a regular lottery player, you have no doubt noticed that the jackpot for Powerball keeps climbing and climbing and climbing.

Well, as of last night, it official become the largest Powerball jackpot ever.

According to the Powerball website, as of 8 AM (Eastern) on Saturday, November 5th, the jackpot is $1.6 BILLION!

If you were to win, and take the lump sum, you'd be picking up a cool $782.4 million.  Before taxes, of course.

And yes, you'd be paying a lot in taxes.  According to CNBC, winners who took the lump sum would get hit with a 24% tax rate.  To put it another way, taxes would reduce that $782 million by about $188 million.  That would still leave you with about $594 million.  Not too shabby.

Although this information could be wrong, I am pretty certain it is accurate.  I have been told that we have never had a Powerball jackpot winner in Maine.  It kind of makes sense, though.  We have a fairly small population when compared to other Powerball states and we have only had the game in our state since 2004.

Who knows, you could be the first Mainer to win the Powerball.

If yo won, what is the first thing you would buy?  What charities would you donate to?

If you won Powerball, you could be added to this list:

The 7 Richest "Mainers"

According to Money Inc, these are some of the richest people with ties to Maine.

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