As the theater industry is still trying to recover from the disruption of the pandemic, we are seeing movie theaters and movie producers try some unique things to get butts in seats.

Last week, we got word about National Theater Day.  Basically, on Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, you'll be able to see a movie at participating theathers for only $3.  At many theaters, this is 1/3 of what you would normally pay.

One of the other things theater chains and movie distributors have been doing to get people back in theaters is re-releasing classics.  In celebration of the 40th anniversary of its release, ET was back in theaters last month.  James Cameron is bringing the original Avatar back to theaters in September.

Now, we are hearing the 1975 horror classic Jaws is back in theaters.  Even cooler, it is going to be in IMAX theaters!  Well, if you are going to see it on the big screen, you may as well see it on the REALLY big screen, right?

For those who are not familiar, the 1970s classic tells the story of a shark terrorizing a New England beach town.  The movie, which was supposed to be set in Maine, was filmed on Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts.

It is probably in a few "normal" theaters in Maine, but if you want to see it on the IMAX screens, you are going to need to make the trip to Apple Cinemas Saco & IMAX on Portland Road in Saco.

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