A Maine bus driver is being credited with saving the life of a 7 year old girl in Standish.

According to WMTW, MSAD 6 school bus driver Tina Dippolito had pulled up in front of the girl's bus stop and opened the door so the little girl could exit the bus.

Dippolito noticed the girl's parents were not waiting outside for her, as they normally do.  This caused her to keep a closer eye on the situation.  It is a good thing she did because just before the girl was going to step off the bus, a silver colored Audi pulled around the parked bus.  Fortunately, Tina reacted, grabbing the back of the child's jacket in order to prevent her from stepping off the bus, and into the path of the speeding car.

You can see video of the terrifying incident HERE.

One of the most frightening parts of the incident is that the driver not only chose not to slow down as they approached the bus or that they failed to stop.  That would have been bad enough.  The really troubling part is that the driver chose to pass on the right side of the bus.  Regardless of the situation, when is that EVER okay?

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said they’ve identified the vehicle involved in the incident and they do intend to charge the driver for passing a parked school bus.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Tina Dippolito, tragedy was averted.

Remember, it is NEVER okay to pass a stopped school bus.

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