I'm not much of a baker but I certainly can appreciate beautiful, delicious cookies. One of my favorites is a peanut butter cookie topped with a Hershey's Kiss. So imagine my surprise when I noticed the kiss in my cookie didn't look quite as kissable as usual, as a matter of fact, the whole batch had the same issue...broken tips!

According to an article in the Lebanon Daily News this is not an isolated issue. Apparently bakers all around the country have noticed that almost all the Hershey's Kiss tips have been broken off. Sure, they still taste as good as usual but, if you have a business that is also concerned with presentation, this can be an issue.

The Wedding Cookie Table Community Facebook group brought up the issue to Hershey who did make a statement that they are looking into the problem but don't have any explanation for the missing tips. Some people are having fun with the issue online and chalk it up to celebrating diversity.

Have you been effected by, or even noticed these sloppy kisses?

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