With the exception of a few cities, most of New England's towns have very low crime rates.  Sure, you need to lock your vehicle and home's doors, but it is nothing like same places in the United States.

That being said, we still need to be wary of the potential for break-ins.

How many break-ins were there in New England in 2023?

According to Insurify, there were 1,787 burglaries in Maine in 2023.  Elsewhere in New England, there were 944 in New Hampshire, 5,522 in Connecticut, 1,132 in Vermont, 1,532 in Rhode Island, and a whopping 9,726 in Massachusetts.

This means that on average, there were about 150 break-ins per 100,000 people.  Not too bad when you consider that many states have a rate of 400+ burglaries per 100,000 residents.

According to Insurify, three New England states made the list for the least home burglaries in 2023.  Massachusetts came in 5th place, Maine was in 4th place, and New Hampshire topped the list.

Criminal record and handcuffs on a desk.

How do you protect yourself from break-ins?

There are a few easy steps you can take to protect your property.

The easiest is to make sure your doors are locked.  It is best if you keep them that way at all times, but at the very least, make sure they are locked when you leave.

Additionally, invest in security cameras and/or a security system.  If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a monitored system, you can always install Ring or Nest cameras.  They are affordable, and can be monitored through an app on your phone.

You can also protect your property by making sure it is not easily found.

11 Hiding Places Burglars in Maine, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts Always Check

Thanks to AAA and comments from our listeners, we have been able to put together a list of some of the common hiding places that burglars check when they break into your home.

Has your home ever been broken into?  What happened?  Share you story by messaging us in our app.

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