Meal-Prep Your Way Into 2021
The New Year always comes packed with resolutions and goals about cutting back on eating out, fitness, eating healthier, etc. All of it can seem very overwhelming, but I'm here with a list of seven products that will make meal-planning and eating at home more often a breeze!

Kristi's Family Had A Wild Wednesday Night
We don't usually get wild in our house on a weeknight, especially a Wednesday night. It's the middle of the week, and usually, by the time we've hit mid-week, I'm just chugging along to reach the finish line—nothing more, nothing less.
This Wednesday was different, though, b…
These Central Maine Restaurants Will Be Open On Christmas
You can expect Christmas 2020 to be way different than any Christmas in recent history.  It'll be way different in so many ways.
While many of us will have a traditional Christmas dinner, at home, with the family, there are people who will celebrate in a much different way this year...
Augusta Elks Turkey Auction & Pie Raffle
Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Wanna win a Turkey and take a chance at bidding on some yummy pies?
With the world as crazy as it is, most families have already called off their big thanksgiving get-togethers. If you're like me, that means you're left to cooking when you're no…
Grocery Store Chain Offering Turkey "Insurance"
If you've ever been the one responsible for cooking your family's Thanksgiving dinner, you've probably been at least a little concerned about the potential for screwing up the turkey.  It is the most important part of the meal, after all.  Admit it, you've had visions of the Christmas dinner scene f…
Camp Out Hunger Day 4 Update
Today is day four of Camp Out Hunger, and we have loaded up and filled one of the two Uhaul trucks. We have had so many amazing people stop in, in hopes of giving back to their neighbors. It really is what it is all about helping those around you, the ones you might not even know...

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