If you are not one to keep up on local news, and someone asked you who the highest-paid State of Maine employee was, you would probably say Governor Janet Mills. Right?

It does make sense that the person in the state's highest office would be making the most money.

However, this is not the case.

In fact, the governor of the State of Maine does not make much over the average seasoned worker.  This is mainly because the governor's rate of pay has not increased since the 1980s!

Over the last year, we have heard plenty of discussion about increasing the governor's salary.  According to Maine.gov, the current annual salary for the governor is $70,000.

If a bill before the legislature passes, it would increase the governor's salary to $120,000, Maine Public reported.

So, if it is not the governor, who is it?  And, how much does he or she make?

Who Is The Highest Paid State Employee In Maine?

According to the website Open Checkbook, which tracks the spending of the states, the highest-paid state employee in Maine is the man in charge of Augusta's Riverview Psychiatric Hospital.

Open Checkbook says that Dr. Matthew J. Davis, the clinical director for Riverview, made $376,371.84 in fiscal year 2022.

Yes, he made over 5 times what the Maine governor makes.

Who Is The Second Highest Paid State Employee?

Coincidentally, Dr. Mark Flomenbaum works just down the road from the highest-paid state employee.  Dr. Flomenbaum is the state's chief medical examiner.  In 2022, he made $326,576.20.

What About New Hampshire, Massachusetts, And The Other New England States?

24/7 Wall Street put out a list of the highest-paid employees in each state.  Keep in mind the information is a few years old, so there is a chance that some of these people may no longer be in those positions.

In other cases, those who are still in those positions may be making more than they were when the article was written.

Check it out HERE.

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