This time of year, a lot of people are wondering what type of gift or tip should they give service workers. People like babysitters, day care providers, sanitation workers or mail delivers. Whatever you give, you should always put it in a card. Here’s a guild line to follow for tipping.

Babysitters: Cash is usually the rule but a gift is also acceptable. Either way it should equal on evening’s pay.

Day Care Provider: A gift of $20 to $70 is the norm and it should be something the entire staff can enjoy.

House Keeper: if you have a regular housekeeper or someone who comes in once a week to clean, cash is the gift to give, usually one week’s pay.

Beauty Salon: If you go regularly you should give a gift or cash equivalent to one visit for each member of the staff that works on you.

Newspaper delivery: Cash of $10 to $30 or a gift of the same value.

Mail carriers: By rule from the United States Postal Service a small gift only isacceptable, about $20 or less.

Sanitation Workers/Trash Collectors: A small gift of about $20 for each collector on the truck. Cash is O.K. too.

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