If you are a fan of the movies of the 80s, there is a good chance you have seen at least a few starring Brooke Shields.  She is probably best known for her role in The Blue Lagoon, but she did several other movies.  Later, she had regular appearances on some very popular TV shows including Friends, That 70s Show, and Nip / Tuck.  And, in the mid to late 1990s, starred on her own show, "Suddenly Susan".

Now, it looks like she has taken on a brand new role - hemp farm employee.

According to Maine Biz, the actress is now working for Maine's Prospect Farms.

The 250 acre farm, which is located in the Waldo County town of Prospect, makes over 50 CBD wellness products.  While the wellness product company only dates back to 2018, the farm itself has been around for about 250 years.

It appears that Shields will be more than just a spokesperson for the company.  She'll be an active employee of the company, but the managers of the company would not disclose the specifics of her duties.

The news article explains that she reached out to the company because she was a big fan of their products.

CEO and Brand Founder Brad Tipper said:

Brooke organically found Prospect Farms. The brand did not seek her out … she personally found relief from Prospect  Farms’ Sleep & Anxiety drops & Pain Relief topicals. Brooke could partner with any brand but she chose Prospect Farms based on her personal experience.

You can learn more about the company and the products they offer from their website.

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