Even though we have had a very quiet 2022 Hurricane Season, it looks like most of the storms we have had have had some kind of affect on the coast of New England.

Most recently, Hurricane Earl brought higher than normal surf and winds to the coast of Maine and New Hampshire.

Now, we are hearing that Hurricane Fiona will probably be making a close pass to the Maine coast.

According to the meteorologists at WGME, the storm is expected to work its way up the Maine coast on Friday and Saturday.  Before it slams into Nova Scotia on Saturday, it will bring rain and some strong winds to the State of Maine.  Much of coastal Maine will see wind gusts in the mid-30s

Unlike previous storms, these higher than normal winds will be felt not just on the coast, but in inland Maine as well.

Based on the current track, it looks like the majority of the affects in Maine will be felt on the northern part of Maine's coast - Mount Desert Island and north.


Of course, it is important to keep in mind that the track of these storms can quickly change.  We will make sure we keep this post updated with the latest information on the storm.

Also, according to the WGME article, by the time it reaches Maine, Fiona will no longer be a hurricane.  Instead, it will be what is referred to as a "powerful extratropical storm".  So, while it is not technically a hurricane, it is very close to the power level of a hurricane.

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