It looks like we are going to be getting our first real taste of winter tomorrow.  Yes, I know that we have had a few winter storms over the last few months, but those were as much sleet and ice as they were snow.  And, when the storms were over, we almost always got slammed with a blast of warm weather that caused everything to melt.

Not this time, though.  It looks like we are going to get a true SNOW storm!

According to the meteorologists at News Center Maine, the Augusta / Lewiston / Auburn / Waterville area could see as much as six inches of snow.  Portland can expect to see about the same.

However, there is a patch of snow in the Western Maine (Fryeburg area) and Central New Hampshire region that could see as much as 8 inches of snow.  Great news for ski areas like Pleasant Mountain (Shawnee Peak), Wildcat, King Pine, and Cranmore Mountain Resort.

North of Central Maine will likely see significantly smaller amounts of snowfall.  Areas eve farther north, like Aroostook County, will only see a dusting.

Keep in mind that, as of 7 AM on Thursday, we have a WINTER STORM WARNING in effect for Central Maine.  That warning starts at midnight tonight and will be in effect until 7 PM on Friday evening.

This map gives a breakdown of where we'll see most of the snow.


And, at this point, it looks like the temperatures will remain low so this snow could actually stick around for a bit.  It also appears that we have several more storms coming in the next week or so.

Recently, someone told me that, in their opinion, winter in Maine does not really kick in until late January or early February.  Looks like that person is right.

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